Red Rock Zip Line

Experience an unforgettable adventure, fly over the deepest canyon in Europe! Red Rock zip line goes over Tara river and it is the most exciting zip line in Montenegro. It is 350 meters long and it is suitable for all ages. During the flight, you will have the unique perspective on the canyon, on the Tara river below and on the all beautiful nature around. Also, there are two cables running side-by-side on close distance, so you can share the experience with someone, and hold hands, for most of the ride. Djurdjevica Tara bridge, beside which Red Rock zip line is placed, is one of the main attractions in Montenegro.


Rafting is an adventurous activity, excellent physical training, a sure way to release stress and enjoy the surreal landscapes. It is suitable both for family and friends, for gaining unforgettable memories. Enjoying the cool water in the hot sun, laughing and screaming, jumping from the rocks, swimming under waterfalls, all this will make your rafting day unforgettable. Rafting through the Tara River is incredible experience for adventurers and nature lovers. The Tara canyon, protected as UNESCO World Heritage Site is the deepest canyon in Europe with up to 1.3km depth and 78km length.  The Tara River is the biggest European supply of drinking water.

Via Ferrata Durmitor

Via Ferrata, as a secured hiking trail that crosses inaccessible parts of mountain massifs with the help of cables and metal treadmills is suitable not only for professional alpinists, but also for people with average physical fitness skills.
This ferrata is located on the rock of Uvita Greda, which is 10 minutes walk away from Sedlo, at the very heart of the Durmitor National Park. It starts at the altitude of 2000m and ends at 2198m. From the rock of Uvita Greda, you can see a large number of Durmitor peaks. All participants receive full alpine and protective equipment and are guided by our experienced guides.

ATV tours

Are you ready for some four-wheels entertainment? Experience the beauty of the Durmitor National Park in a different way, by off-road ride through the surreal areas of the highest Montenegrin mountain. With an adrenaline injection that only ATVs can give you, find out why Montenegro is a country of “wild beauty”.
In order to enjoy the unspoiled nature and admire the spectacular view, our experienced guides, who are always with you, are concerned, keeping everything in order, especially taking care of your safety. Go on a ride with our ATVs and create memories that will last forever.

Horse riding

For all of those who want to connect with nature and animals in a unique way, riding a horse is the right choice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, this activity will bring you immense pleasure. Riding is not only fun, but it is healthy as well.  You will keep right posture,  and even while you’re sitting, you will activate every muscle. This activity is very suitable for kids and our staff will make sure you feel safe and enjoy not only the contact with the animal but also all the beautiful surrounding. If you like your kid to adopt new relation to nature, our eco-friendly approach is a must-try.

MTB freeride/downhill

With all its roughness, Durmitor is a great mountain for adventure sports, among which we recognized freeride and downhill mountain biking, as something that we aim to develop in the future. For now, we have made one downhill track on which we organize the race at the end of summer. The plan is that this grows into a bike park. Until that day, we offer plenty of freeride tours around the mountain for all bikers eager to explore. Also, there is a nice ride from the Savin Kuk summit (with some unrideable parts). For transport, it is possible to use chairlift, which operates during the summer months.

Via Ferrata – Kotor

Via Ferrata in Kotor is located on the exit of the Canyon Škurda and at the entrance to the Kotor Old Town.
It starts at an altitude of 80m and ends at 205m. Rocks where this ferrata is located, provide an excellent view of the Kotor Bay, as well as on the San Giovanni fortress and the entire Kotor Old Town .
All participants receive complete alpine and protective equipment (helmet, belt and ferrata system, which includes 2 carabiners, belt connector and the safety system). All participants are guided by our experienced guides.

Via Ferrata – Pec

Two Via Ferrata routes near town of Peja are the most advanced adventure products in Kosovo. Though it’s full of adrenaline, no previous training is needed. Around 90 percent of our clients are the first-timers. But still, your heart will race, as you make the vertical climb through metallic scales high above Rugova Canyon. You will be reaching some unmatched views of the surrounding mountains. It’s a must do when you visit Kosovo. On your way, you will discover ancient caves, used over the years by monks, villagers or soldiers and now they provide shelter for the native birds and other wildlife.

Peaks of the Balkans

(Kosovo) Prokletije, remote and mysterious mountain range, much of it accessible only by foot, offers more than beauty. It hosts shepherds, goatherds and ancient pastoral traditions that haven’t been destroyed yet. In its isolated villages, traces still survive of a centuries-old code of conduct that combines extremes of punishment and generosity. Balkan Natural Adventure is a Kosovo based tour operator, specialized in adventure tourism. It  offers Kosovo hiking tours and Balkan’s regional hiking tours in Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. BN Adventures is based in Peja, a small town next to the Dinaric Alps in Western Kosovo.