Piva Lake

The Magical North Adventure

6 Days Of Breathtaking Adventure

Viewpoint Durmitor

6 Days Of Breathtaking Adventure


In this magnificent tour, we will pedal through the most beautiful & unspoiled parts of the country.

You will experience rafting through the second deepest canyon in Europe – Tara Canyon and you will get to see charming small towns Kolasin & Zabljak, and the gorgeous mountains surrounding them – Durmitor and Bjelasica.

You will enjoy unique routes traversing remote spots and dreamy highlands, glacial lakes, and rainforests of the north in UNESCO-protected National Parks.




Day 1 Durmitor National Park - 2 Viewpoints Ebike tour

Day 2 Durmitor National Park -7 Lakes Ebike tour

Day 3 Durmitor Ring panoramic road eBike tour- Piva Lake and Canyon 

Day 4 Tara Canyon & Tara Bridge (rafting day)

Day 5 Kosanica-Mojkovac eBike tour

Day 6 Biogradsko Lake & Bjelasica Mountain


NOTE: The itinerary might differ depending on the airport and arrival time!

Podgorica / Tivat Airport – Transfer to Zabljak & 2 Viewpoints eBike tour

* Depending on the airport and flight times, the first and last day may differ.


After your check-in and lunch, and after you took a rest, you can also choose to start to explore Durmitor National Park with our 2 viewpoints e-bike tour.


Day 1

2 Viewpoints Tour

The two viewpoints tour is going to take us mostly on asphalt roads which are not frequent with traffic, taking us to the "Curevac" which is the best viewpoint on the deepest part of the Tara canyon.

The first part of the tour is mostly flat with little uphill riding. After that, we will start a hill climb to "Stuoc" peak and an amazing view of Zabljak town, Durmitor peaks, Sinjajevina mountain and lake plateau. After that, we have a nice chill ride downhill to the city of Žabljak.

Route Information

Duration: ~4 hours; Distance: 26km

Elevation up: 700m; Elevation down: 700m

Difficulty: Easy

Lowest point: 1415m; Highest point: 1800m

On your first day in NP Durmitor you will enjoy an easy e-bike tour through the conifer forest to the amazing panoramic viewpoints of Zabljak and surrounding.

Parks and Mountains


  • Durmitor National Park
  • Tara Canyon
  • Biogradska Gora National Park
  • Bjelasica Mountain



  • Piva Dam 220m
  • Tara Bridge



Full suspension e-bike

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Batteries: PowerTube 500/625
Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Rent pricing: 40€ half day (4h) / 70€ full day


Hard-tail e-bikes

The hardtail is considered a classic among mountain bikes and offers a great introduction to the world of cycling thanks to its uncomplicated design. An e-mountain bike hardtail is the right choice if your tours mainly take you over gravel roads, forest paths, and easier trails.

  • Battery:  PowerPack 500
  • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL
    Rent pricing: 30€ half day (4h) / 50€ full day
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