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Short info

Durmitor ring is the 85km long circular road around Durmitor mountain. Road takes you through the villages where you can meet local people, try out and buy their domestic products and find out more about their way of living in this harsh environment.

This is the tour that does not involve any physical activity, for all of those who would like to take an easy one-day escape to the nature.

Durmitor ring is the easiest way to see much of variety of National Park Durmitor, without any physical effort. That includes all kinds of sceneries, such as deep canyons, peaks, pastures, rivers, streams, forests etc.



  • Tour starts in Zabljak at the agreed place

  • Tour lasts about 4 hours.

    * Note: Starting time is flexible

Period of availability:

  • June – October

Durmitor ring

Durmitor ring is a circuit road around Durmitor Mountain, which goes for 85 km over Tara and Piva plateau. It goes along the peaks, which rise above 2.000 meters altitude, high mountain passages (Sedlo 1907m, Štuoc 1950m) and cuts through Sušica canyon. This magnificent road will surprise you over and over again, with its breathtaking views, unspoiled nature scenes and authentic villages, where the way of life is almost unchanged for hundreds of years. The Durmitor ring ride would be an unforgettable experience for all nature lovers.


Zabljak – 1450 m.a.s.l. is the first point of our journey and this little town is known as the Montenegrian capital of mountain tourism.
Momcilov Grad – the first stop on our way is the top of former ski slopes in the area. There is a great view both to the city of Zabljak and Durmitor.
Veliki Stuoc – the first passage and the highest point on our journey – great viewpoint to the Tara Canyon, the deepest canyon in Europe and the second deepest in the world. Also, Veliki Štuoc is the place where the Tara canyon is the deepest (around 1300m).
Mala Crna Gora – remote Durmitor village, located on the edge of the Susica Canyon. Despite being inaccessible during the winter time, Mala Crna Gora village is inhabited during the whole year. Everything they need for the winter, residents have to provide by the end of October, because the road is impassable from November to May.
Susica – on the western part of the Durmitor Mountain lies the canyon of Sušice river, the river which mostly flows underground. At the bottom of the canyon, there is a unique phenomenon – the beautiful Sušica lake which has a periodic character. At the time when the snow falls from the surrounding mountains, the lake is filled with water and later it dries up and turns into an incredibly picturesque valley.
Nedajno – village on the edge of the Susica canyon, on Piva’s side of the mountain. To get to it, we climb the hillside of the canyon, through the beautiful old forest.
Trsa – another village on our way, where we make a bit longer break, the place where there is a variety of restaurants.
Prutas (2400 m.a.s.l.) – one of the most interesting peaks in the area because of its unique vertical rock plates.
Sedlo (1907 m.a.s.l.) – the second mountain passage on our way, the border of two great Durmitor valleys (Dobri Do and Lomni Do).
Savin Kuk  (2313 m.a.s.l.) – one one the must see places during your visit of Durmitor mountain. In the winter, this is the ski area and in the summer, it’s possible to take the  panoramic chair-lift ride to the top.
Zabljak – our journey ends on the same spot where it began.


Beautiful views

Mountain passages



Villages and local products

Tour price

4×4 vehicle – 120€

Price includes:

  • 1 vehicle up to 4 customers
  • 1 driver

Van – 160€

Price includes:

  • 1 vehicle up to 7/8 customers
  • 1 driver
* Note: the tour excludes 3€ Durmitor National Park entrance fee (per person).


How long does the tour take?
The duration of the tour is around 3 hours.
How many people go within the group?
The group size is flexible. If you choose 4×4 vehicle, the group is maximum 4 people. If you choose a van, the maximum group is 8 people. For bigger groups, we can arrange multiple vehicles.
What do I need to bring?
The tour doesn’t include food, so bring some snacks and water with you.

And of course, bring the camera, there will be many beautiful spots to capture.