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Durmitor National Park is very popular hiking destination because it offers a variety of marked hiking trails. In the area there are 48 peaks above 2000 m.a.s.l., 18 glacial lakes, and several canyons one of which is Tara Canyon – the deepest and the most beautiful canyon in Europe.

Participants should bring:

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Backpack

  • Water – at least 1 liter

  • Food as desired

  • Sun cream and hat are recommended

If necessary, Durmitor Adventure team provides:

  • Ropes

  • Harnesses

  • Helmets


  • In case of bad weather conditions, the tour can be delayed or cancelled

Period of availability:

  • May – October

Durmitor Hiking

Hiking is the most popular outdoor activity within Durmitor National Park. Varied relief of Durmitor offers a wide range of hiking routes suitable for various levels of ability. Because of the relatively small size of the range, and the high starting altitude at Žabljak, it is possible to reach many of the peaks and to return in a single day.

Durmitor is a stunning limestone massif located in Northern Montenegro and it belongs to the Dinaric Alps or Dinarides. Durmitor National Park is Montenegro’s largest protected area, which constitutes of a landscape shaped by glaciers, numerous rivers and underground streams. It is bordered by the Tara River Canyon, which is the deepest canyon in Europe. There are more than forty peaks higher than 2,000 meters above sea level that rise above plateaus, alpine meadows and forests. The highest and the most visited peak is Bobotov Kuk (2,525 meters above sea level). Durmitor is also famous for its numerous glacial lakes, locally known as “mountain eyes”. Some of the most beautiful ones are Black Lake, Skrcko, Zminje, Jablan. Durmitor Adventure offers you a great chance to explore Durmitor National Park with the guidance of  well experienced and friendly guides.


Beautiful peaks

Glacial lakes

Ice cave

Tara Canyon viewpoints

Wild life

Endemic flora species


Price of the hiking tour depends on the destination and on the group size. Contact us for specific tour price.

Available tours

Tour guiding is possible to a large number of the peaks of Durmitor. According to the degree of difficulty, tours are categorized as easy, medium and hard. Most popular ones are listed below.

Easy tours

Jablan lake

Jablan lake and Curevac

3 lakes

4 lakes

The base of Savin Kuk

Medium tours





Crvena greda - short tour

Hard tours

Crvena greda - long/round

Savin Kuk



Ice cave

Veliki Medjed

Bobotov Kuk


Prices are in euros per group () Up to 10 people 10 – 15 people 15 – 25 people *
Jablan lake 50 60 100
Jablan lake and Curevac 50 60 100
3 lakes 40 50 90
4 lakes 50 60 100
The base of Savin Kuk 40 50 90
Prutas 60 70 130
Skrka 70 80 150
Lokvice 50 70 100
Bandijerna 60 80 130
Crvena greda (option A – short) 60 70 120
Crvena greda (option B – long) 70 80 140
Crvena greda (option C – round) 80 190 160
Savin Kuk 60 70 130
Sljeme 70 90 150
Planinica (option A – Sarban) 80 100 170
Planinica (option B – Black lake) 100 120 200
Ice cave 70 90 150
Veliki medjed 90 110 180
Bobotov Kuk (option A – Sedlo) 70 90 150
Bobotov Kuk (option B – Black Lake) 100 120 200

* For 15 – 25 groups, 2 guides are going with the group. The price is for both guides, not per guide. For bigger groups, please contact us.


Should I hike alone?
Generally, it is not recommended to hike alone, especially if you choose one of the harder tours. Durmitor is mostly well marked but either way, a guide is recommended for safety reasons and he could provide information about the mountain.
Can I go in short sleeves and short pants?
If the weather is sunny and nice, you can, but be careful not to get sunburns on exposed skin. However, weather conditions on the mountain can be quite unpredictable, hence, have some warmer clothes with you. Also, a rain jacket is recommended.
Can I hike in my snickers?
You could use snickers on easier tours, but for medium and harder tours hiking boots are essential. You will be walking for a longer period of time over rough terrain,  and with hiking boots, there is less chance of slipping or twisting your ankle.
Where can I leave my car?
It depends on the tour since some tours do not start in Zabljak. You can drive your car to the starting point or you can leave the transportation to us.
How much water do I need?
It depends on the tour. For medium and hard tours, make sure to carry at least 1 liter of water, especially when it’s sunny. In communication with your guide, you will be informed about how much water you need and are there any springs on your tour.
Which is the highest peak at Durmitor?
The highest peak of Durmitor is Bobotov Kuk (2523 meters above sea level).
Are there any wild animals which we can see?
Encounters with wild animals are rare, but it may happen. You don’t have to be afraid, since you could usually meet wild goats, only. Dangerous animals (wolfs, bears) are hard to see because most of the time, they avoid contact with humans.
Are there any water springs?
There are few tours with springs on the way, but if summer is dry, it can happen for them to dry up, so it is always good practice to bring enough water for the day.
Do I need a map?
If you are hiking with the guide, you don’t need a map, but it is nice to have it if you like to orientate in the mountain.
Do I need National Park ticket for the hike?
There are few checkpoints for buying a ticket, so it depends on the tour chosen. It may happen that NP workers ask you to buy it even deep in the mountain.
Can I pay with the card?
Unfortunately, we don’t have this option, yet.
What should I bring?
Water, sandwich, chocolate or something sweet, jacket, hat and your camera. And of course, one bag for your trash. Make sure not to leave anything behind yourself, besides your footprints.
Will my cell phone work during the hike?
It depends on the place. Somewhere it will work, but somewhere the signal will be poor or even there won’t be the signal at all.
What if I suffer from fear of height or any health problems?
After consultation with our guides, the right tour for you will be chosen.